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Stoko™ Athletic Apparel with Medical-Grade Knee Bracing

Understanding the company

About the company

Stoko came to us with a unique product: the world’s first
technical apparel with medical-grade support to help overcome injury, eliminate pain, and provide wearers the confidence needed to get back to the activities they love.

What they represent

Stoko is an innovative company that is providing a novel product that solves a common problem. Style and medical utility are married in this beautiful and functional apparel.

A unique need

Premium packaging is suited well to this medical-grade device/apparel. Being on the shelf with bulkier, more traditional solutions will require an eye-catching and pleasing presentation.

The design process

Our Digital process

Our team approached this challenge realizing that we needed to provide Stoko with a housing for their incredible product that was robust and would catch the eye of potential consumers. After design and initial runs, we continued to iterate the possible look and feel of the product box, ending with a sleek, reflective, and minimal design that put the focus on the Stoko brand and product. After initial digital print, the sheer black paperboard went to several stations to add both texture and reflectivity to the package.

The results

This digitally printed, premium folding carton became the
ideal housing for Stoko’s premium medical apparel.

"Perpetual global supply chain disruptions continue to push us towards local partners. The agility and exceptional customer service of a local partner allowed us to move faster than planned. Additionally, the price and quality is competitive with overseas vendors."

Zack Garland,
Director Operations - Stoko

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